EURGBP where’s to next week? 11/04/2021

We had a super bullish week on EURGBP due to German bank investment.

We saw EURGBP flying from 0.85 to 0.8700 for a week. We had a huge weekly bullish engulfing candlestick after a couple of months of bullishness in these pairs.

The daily candlestick closed as an indecisive one so, after a bullish week like this we might see some retracement on these pairs before the next leg to the upside.

4-hour candles are showing multiple rejections to 0.86800 so, we can count on this as a good resistance on the lower timeframes.  What I would like to see before we potentially will go to the upside is a re-test at 0.86200/0.8600 and rejections from this area. If we have these rejections, we can take longs from this area.

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