GBPUSD where’s next move?

GBPUSD right now is trading between 1.40 and 1.3750, which are important weekly and monthly key areas for these pairs.

Last two weeks we have seen GBPUSD rejecting 1.37500 on weekly candlesticks which let us understand that we potentially can see bullish GBP against USD.

The last daily Candle(Friday) ended up like a spinning top candlestick, it is an indecisive candlestick for GBPUSD so neither buyers nor sellers had control over the market and also, was affected by NFP.
Going down on lower time-frames like 4-hour candlesticks we can see indecisive candlesticks, which tells us that we have to be patient and wait for more confirmations before we enter on trades.

I will wait for what will happen between 1.38600 and 1.37700.

If we reject 1.377, I will think for taking longs on GBPUSD with first take profit 1.3760 then if we have break and retest I will adjust it to 1.3950.

If we break 1.377, I will not take shorts. I Will wait for what will happen between 1.3770 and 1.37.

This is my opinion about these pairs. Before you enter into a trade you should analyze by yourself!

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